Discharge measurements along Kafue River

Our Mandate

  • To identify and protect potential sources of fresh water supply.
  • To provide equitable access to water resources of acceptable quantity and quality for various purposes such as commercial, Hydro power Production, Agriculture, Mining, Navigation, Recreation etc.
  • To conserve, preserve and protect water related environments, such as wetlands, quarries, dambos, marshlands and head waters.
  • To plan and ensure that sustainable and rational utilization, management and development of water resources are based on community and public needs and priorities, inline with national economic development policies.
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Our Vision

An effective Authority in sustainable water resources management

Our Mission

To regulate, manage, protect and conserve Zambia’s water resources for sustainable development

Our Values
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency
  • Integrity
  • Equity
Our Strategic Pillars

Pillar 1:  Stakeholder Management
Pillar 2:  Public Awareness & Visibility
Pillar 3:  Human Capital Management
Pillar 4:  Financial Sustainability
Pillar 5:  Operational Excellence

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