Our Mandate
  • To identify and protect potential sources of fresh water supply.
  • To provide equitable access to water resources of acceptable quantity and quality for various purposes such as commercial, Hydro power Production, Agriculture, Mining, Navigation, Recreation etc.
  • To conserve, preserve and protect water related environments, such as wetlands, quarries, dambos, marshlands and head waters.
  • To plan and ensure that sustainable and rational utilization, management and development of water resources are based on community and public needs and priorities, inline with national economic development policies.
  • To contribute to the eradication of hunger and poverty through collaboration with stakeholders in managing and planning of water resources.
  • To collaborate with relevant stakeholders to set standards and guidelines for water resources management and developmental activities in Zambia.
  • To monitor the resource quality of water.
  • To provide hydrological, hydro geological, water quality data to members of the public.
  • To publish forecast projects and provide information on water resources.