Regulation & Compliance Services

The Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) has a “Regulation and Compliance Unit (RCU)” that ensures that clients are compliant with the regulatory services. It outlines procedures for undertaking compliance monitoring, enforcement, and conflict resolutions in accordance with provisions of the Water Resources Management Act No.21 of 2011 (“WRM Act”). The regulatory services includes Compliance Monitoring, Enforcement, Conflict Resolution and Drilling Activities.

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance monitoring refers to a process of ascertaining adherence to requirements and obligations of the WRM Act, Regulations and Standards and any other prescribed requirements. The purpose of compliance monitoring is to ensure that all practices related to the utilization of water resources r in the country conforms to regulatory requirements. The process involves planning, conducting inspections and reporting.


Enforcement ensures that water users comply with the requirements of the WRM Act No.21 of 2011. It’s a means to ensure that regulations, standards and any other prescribed requirement are adhered to.
The process of enforcement involves Issuance of penalties/ caution, Service of penalty, Tracking of penalty status, and Prosecution

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts may arise among water users, or users and other service providers such as drilling companies. Such conflicts should be resolved using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.
The conflict resolution mechanism is initiated by lodgement of a complaint by the affected party with WARMA.