Water Permitting Services

Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) provides Water Permitting Services to all water users across the country. It is one of the management instruments for allocating water resources to water users in Zambia. According to the Water Resources Management Act No. 21 of 2011 (Sections 70, 71 and 72) the use of water from any water resource, except for domestic and non-commercial purposes, requires a permit or authorization. WARMA’s approach to regulating the use of water in Zambia is based on international best practices of integrated water resources management (IWRM) in line with the country’s national development agenda. The approach is governed by a core principle laid down in the Water Resource Management Act which states that “Water shall be used efficiently, sustainably and beneficially in the public interest for the present and future generations”.

Surface and Ground Water Permit Requirements

The following are the requirements  for surface and ground water permitting:

  • Title deed or letter from the Chief if customary land
  • Two properly filled application forms
  • Receipt of application fee
  • Advert in the public print media
  • Approval letter for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) from ZEMA if a permit will include civil works such as construction of Dam, Weir, Furrow, Dambo, Bridge
    Design drawings (including existing civil works).
  • Reports giving more information about the drawings should also be submitted
Application for Drilling Company Licenses

The following are the documents the applicant is required to submit:

  • Application form
  • PACRA-Shareholding
  • Proof of updated EIZ Registration Company
  • Proof of Hydrogeologist/Geologist EIZ updated practicing License
  • Credentials of Drillers Supervisor
  • Credentials of Drillers
  • Membership of Drillers association of Zambia
  • Information about:
    • Rigs,
    • Cargo Trucks,
    • Pump testing Kits,
    • Support Staff.
Application of Borehole Registration

Documents the applicant needs to submit:

  • Completed and signed form (Application to drill a borehole).
  • Proof of consent from the landowner or certified title deed or letter of property sale.
  • Domestic users: A sketch map or sitemap covering a radius of 30 meters showing property boundaries, road, distance from septic/pit latrine or any other potential pollution source.We recommend that you check out the rolex replica if you’re looking for a stylish best replica watches to match your business attire. They are designed to appear like a high watches, and are also made to function like one. These watches are so high quality that you will feel like you have purchased a real watches.
  • Non-Domestic users: A borehole site investigation report containing the planned location, existing boreholes within 250m, distance from any pollution source, proposed depth of borehole and casing diameter

The following are the documents an applicant is required to submit:

  • Completed WARMA Form B
  • Technical Dewatering Application Form C
  • Proof of payment of appropriate application fees

The Authority has 167 surface water stations and 72 ground water stations that are operational across the country.

Water Permit Application Forms

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